Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas and Birthday Wishlist

Each year at the end of Thanksgiving break my grandmother asks me for my christmas list. I always put one together with links of where to buy things and I email it! I love seeing what other people are asking for so I decided to share my wish list. As a little side note, I always feel like a brat when making my list. Probably because my two biggest holidays of the year are back to back (literally)! I hope y'all understand that these are just ideas as to what I want for Christmas and my Birthday (December 26th, I'll be 18).

If you are interested in seeing directly where to buy these items click on the image below and they come up beside the polyvore image.

Christmas and Birthday Wishlist

1) iPad: This is the number one item on my wish list and I think it would be great for school and blogging. I got a macbook last christmas and I absolutely love it but I am always afraid it is going to break when I carry it to school. I think having an iPad to take notes on at school would ensure that my laptop stays in one piece and could potentially make it last longer!

2) Wireless Keyboard: taking notes on this full size keyboard seems a lot easier than taking notes on the iPads screen. A great thing about this keyboard aside from the cute colors it comes in is that it can be folded and rolled up to fit just about anywhere!

3) Monogrammed iPad Sleeve: It needs to stay protected somehow so why not have it looking cute while doing so! If I do end up getting an iPad I would also order a stand so that taking notes would be easily in view but at this point protection is my major concern.

4) Shift Dress Cookie Cutter: I love making cookies and do so pretty often and I would love to find this lilly-esque cookie cutter under the tree! I own some other preppy cutters and think this would be another staple to add to my collection!

5) Navy Large Longchamp Le Pliage: I own 3 other Longchamps and absolutely love them and believe that this would be no different! I hope to get a larger size to fit more things in so that it can also be used as a travel bag!

6) David Yurman: I own the pearl ended bracelet and have worn it daily for the past two years and hope to add another to my collection for either christmas, birthday, or graduation this spring!

7) Travel Jewelry Case: I have a jewelry case at the moment that is similar to this but does not have dividers. I love it however all of my jewelry ends up getting tangled. I think this would be perfect to separate my jewels and would look even better with a david yurman bracelet inside!

8) Money: I am hoping to receive some money to purchase riding boots for myself. I have yet to fully decide which riding boots I want so money was the best way to ask for riding boots!

9) Pajamas: I have had my eye on these Target PJs since they first came out and I am hoping that they have found their way under my christmas tree! (These were sold out online and in stores and have just been restocked, wahoo).

What are you asking for this holiday season?



  1. My birthday is Christmas Eve! Great list! Hope you get what you want :)

  2. Great Birthday/Christmas list! I love those Target PJs. I have those on my Christmas list too. - Celine

  3. An iPad is on my Christmas list too! :)

  4. My high school required us to buy iPads this year for easy access to our textbooks, notetaking, and the web for research. I LOVE it! My favorite school apps are notability, flashcardlet,and keynote!

  5. Awesome post, dWa! This xmas, I'm asking for friends, a Lilly jeep, engagement ring and a dog! <3

  6. So cute! I combine my Birthday and Christmas list too because my birthday's on the 27th :)
    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

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