Friday, December 21, 2012

Cookie Party Preparations

Today is the day of my third annual cookie party and I am super excited to continue this tradition!
I love that it will be an excuse to bring all of my friends back together once we head our separate ways during college. 

It does however, require lots of prep work!

So far I have made:

5 batches of sugar cookies
4 batches of royal icing
oreo truffles
bacon and swiss dip
mock champagne 

Lots of cooking and baking involved!
We decided to decorate in our dining room and there are sprinkles galore! We have a large round table in there that should comfortably fit the 15 girls that will be celebrating the holiday season with me! 

I will be back soon to show you loads of pictures from this fun event but until then enjoy these pictures from the past two years:

In 2010 we forgot to get a group picture, oops!

In 2011 we remembered!



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