Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Makeup Lover

What girl doesn't love to be primped and pampered? If you have a girly girl who you need to buy a gift for look no farther than this gift guide!

Holiday Gift Guide: Makeup Lover

1. Perfume: Perfume is an item that can easily become a girls signature. Make sure when you are picking out a scent you either know what to get or instead give an IOU for a perfume of the recipients choice and y'all can then make an outing out of a christmas gift!

2. Chapstick Set: I've heard awesome things about this set (Sugar) and by purchasing gifts in packaged sets you usually get more than your moneys worth because they are made to be more valuable than the cost.

2. Blush Set: I chose this based on the cute factor within the packaging and then thought about how practical this set is. These blushes in my opinion, are any of the colors you could ever want so why not purchase them all together. This would be especially great for girls who are just starting to discover makeup!

4. Lip Gloss Set: This is another fun one for both the new to make up girl as well as the tried and true makeup lover. Again, the packaging of these products are so stinking cute and the size of each lip gloss tube is perfect size for your purse!

5. Bubble Bath: After a stressful day a bubble bath always sounds delightful and why not give a set that smells like Christmas!

6. Nail Polish: While this Kate Spade polish is too cute for words, other brands like Essie and OPI sell equally fun sets that allow you to try multiple colors in a smaller size bottle!

7. Makeup Palette: An all in one gift that is in an easy to travel with container is sure to put a  smile on any girls face! I am definitely a neutral girl but these types of palettes are available in a wide variety of shades!

If these ideas don't suit you a gift card to makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta are the perfect way to acknowledge the receipts interest while allowing the freedom for them to choose what they really want. Another fun idea would be to give an IOU for a manicure or pedicure that y'all could do together!


And here is an interesting info graphic discussing beauty that ties in nicely to the subject at hand!

beauty infographic v2 1 Cost of Beauty Infographic


  1. Those Kate Spade polishes are too cute! I also agree, those Stila lip glazes are perfect for anyone.

  2. Any girl would love make up for christmas! I love essie's pairing with bauble bar! The idea of giving a bottle of nail polish with a matching enamel bangle, or a statement neck, or something is just so clever and easy to do on your own, too!

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