Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Forever 21 Fall Favorites

Let me start by saying, I have never been big into Forever 21. That is probably because they have so many products and carry so much merchandise at once that the whole idea is stressful. Recently I've discovered that looking at the clothing online is not nearly as overwhelming and their prices are hard to beat! Below are some of my favorites from the clothes out right now.

Forever 21 Fall Favorites

As you've probably inferred from the picture above, I love colored jeans! I found these two cute fall colors! Black pants are another must have and forever 21 has multiple styles with a low price tag. The other items that have caught my attention are striped shirts, white blouses, and polka dotted sweaters.

Do you shop at forever 21?
What items do you like?



  1. Don't usually shop there, as the quality is not the best. However, I'm a big fan of the lace tops and cute sweaters:)

    love the items you picked



  2. I love the items you picked! Do you have the links handy so you can post them?

  3. I love the grey polka dot jumper - so cute!


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