Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bus Ride Comfort

Sports teams are always on the go. As I mentioned yesterday, I am at our sectionals cross country meet which happens to be 2 1/2 hours away meaning we took a charter bus to get here. From class trips that last 12 hours one way, to years of soccer and cross country trips I am a bus riding pro!

My rule of thumb for bus rides is to be as comfortable as possible! I love catching up on sleep during these trips so as you can imagine I want my outfit to be a close to pajamas as possible, while still being socially acceptable. 

Bus Ride Comforts

1. Pillow- I typically use bus rides to catch up on my sleep so I find it necessary to bring a pillow with me so that it is easier for me to fall asleep while traveling. I prefer putting a monogrammed pillowcase on my pillow so that it is easy to spot which one is mine.

2. Blanket- For similar reasons as the pillow, I bring a blanket with me not only to utilize on the bus ride but also to have with me while in the hotel since it is typical to share the bed with another teammate. I also find that I get cold on buses so having a blanket allows you to more comfortably adjust to the temperature.

3. Socks- I always get cold while on buses so in case my shoes aren't warm enough I like to bring a pair of socks with me to put on if it is feeling a little chilly!

4. Water Bottle- Usually, when on a bus, I am traveling to some sort of sporting event. I like bringing a reusable water bottle so that I can hydrate on the way and have a bottle to use while at the event.

5. Moccasins or other comfy shoes- Let's face it, bus floors are gross! I refuse to take my shoes off while on a bus so it is even more important that I make sure my shoes are comfortable so that there is no need to remove them! I especially like moccasins because while they feel like slippers, it is still perfectly acceptable to wear them outside!

6. Leggings or Yoga Pants- These are my go-to travel pants. Leggings keep me warm and covered while still being comfortable.

7. Long Sleeved, Oversized T-Shirts- When I wear leggings I want my but covered so I usually wear long sleeved shirts that are multiple sizes too large so that my rear is covered! It definitely doesn't hurt that this one has a cute monogram which makes your outfit look more put together while you feel like you've just rolled out of bed!

8. Sweatshirts- I love sweatshirts for bus rides because they are super soft and keep me warm. If I get hot I can easily remove the layer and have it later on during the trip if necessary!

Other non pictured essentials: snacks, phone, headphones, and homework!

What do you like to take during long car trips or bus rides?


  1. Great list! Where is that adorable monogrammed sweatshirt from? A girl in my grade has one in navy and I really want one!!!


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