Thursday, October 25, 2012

Royalty Day and Hillbilly Pep Rally

This was probably my favorite theme day! Each grade had a different theme:

Freshman: Tacky Tourists
Sophomores: Nerds
Juniors: Retro
Seniors: Royalty

All the senior girls dressed up as princesses and we all brought scooters, roller-skates, and barbie jeeps as our chariots. It was so fun to see everyone scootering to class and gave all the teachers a laugh.

I'm combining the Pep Rally theme in this post so that tomorrow can be solely about the homecoming court.

The theme was Hillbilly and everyone looked super funny. Each grade put together a dance and our grade won which was great because we all had a great time doing the dance.



  1. I love this idea! I wish my school was more creative for our spirit week! Where did you get your monogram shirt at? It's too cute!

  2. LOVE your princess costume :)


  3. So cute! Your love for monograms has made me become re-obsessed with my monogram!


  4. Where on Earth did you get that shirt? It is so precious!


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