Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dress Up Day Ideas

Next week is my last homecoming week of high school. BITTERSWEET!
Well this year I am lacking inspiration for what to wear on our theme days. I have some ideas but would love y'alls input. 

Tuesday- Old People
Thursday- Royalty

Any ideas you have would be super helpful!

Here are some pictures of past dress up days!

Tie Dye Day:

Cowboys vs. Aliens

Under the Sea Day- I was a whale

Super Hero Day- Power Puff Girls and a friend

Leopard Day

Tacky Day

Disney Day

What should I wear this year?


  1. We did Old People my Senior year and I wore an awful print shirt with a cardigan and black jogging suit-like pants pulled up really high with bedroom shoes! I also made a Life Alert sign to put around my neck-it was a hit. Have fun!!

  2. For old people, you should totally be a beach tourist--kahki shorts, hawaiian shirt, fanny pack, etc.
    For Merica, why not be lady liberty! a mint toga/maxi dress, hair in a bun, a torch, and a book ;)
    Would Lord Disick be too inappropriate for Royalty day? hah maybe if youre looking to be super creative, try the queen of hearts, a disney princess, or even a pageant queen!

  3. Mine is next week too! I think for the 'Merica day, andy cute red, white, and blue would do!


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