Sunday, September 30, 2012

What Type Of Coat Should I Choose?

Choosing a coat can be tricky, and with there being so many women's coats on the high street and online, it can often be hard to know which style will suit your body type best.

If you are an:

A trench coat is particularly good with an hourglass figure as often these are belted, complementing the already small waist. The lapels create a V neck and consequently show off the bust and the coat also goes out over the hips meaning that they do look more petite. A longer coat is also more flattering than a short one as it has the ability to highlight and accentuate curves better, showing off your shape.

For an apple figure, a V neck jacket such as the trench coat is a good choice as this shows off the bust but then flares out, skimming over larger areas. The belt on this jacket creates the impression of a waist and choosing a brightly coloured jacket will often be a plus, while showing your personality off at the same time.

Having a pear figure means that your hips are your widest part of the body and this means that a jacket such as a windcheater may not be the jacket for you. This is because it stops at your hips and so could accentuate them. Therefore, it could be better to choose a longer jacket that simply glosses over your hips instead. A jacket with detail around the neck, such as a collar or buttons, would also be an advantage as this would draw attention to this area, making your bust appear larger.

If you’re petite, your main aim in life is often to make yourself appear taller. When choosing a jacket, you can do this by choosing something tailored which will elongate your figure. Having a shorter jacket may also be a good idea as it will stop you looking swamped by the jacket. However, finding a longer jacket in a petite size would also work to your advantage as this would be cut to a flattering length for someone of your proportions and so would be less likely to swamp you. So, if you want a longer jacket then looking at one specifically for a petite body shape may be a good idea.

A tailored, structured jacket such as a trench coat can really work for any shape but in the end, choosing a coat is down to your own personal preference and the look that you are attempting to create. 


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