Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smart Girl's Loop

The Smart Girls now have a blog and a new and improved website! I encourage all of you to check it out! The blog is called the Smart Girl's Loop and we have had an overwhelming response to participate in it so you will see some new faces writing on it. 

This is what you will see when the Smart Girl's Loop comes up.
It looks great and I couldn't be more excited about where this could take the Smart Girl's Group.

Smart Girl’s Loop is our daily blog, written by another fabulous team of Smart Girls. This is a Smart Girl’s go-to spot for daily posts about how to live the Smart Life. From DIY crafts to an interactive advice column to stories straight from travel journals to current world news, there is no better place to read stories that will cater to the whole Smart Girl. The blog will be updated twice a day; in the morning for a breakfast read, and at night, for a bedtime story. We like to consider them our tea times: English Breakfast Tea and Chamomile Tea (the best tea before bed!). Get in the loop…with the Smart Girls!

Clever right!
Well our website also got revamped because we now have interns to help us!
I hope y'all will take a peek and see all the hard work we have put into this with hopes for its expansion and inspiration of others!

I would love to here what you think of it!


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