Friday, June 22, 2012

Otter Bay Company

Recently I received the cutest shirt from a new company that I have discovered and highly recommend. This company was conceived in a college dorm room by Will Pattiz who was nice enough to write me a note that was included with my shirt! Through hard work and determination Pattiz's entrepreneurial spirit has led him to success! This is what the founder has to say about his company.

"Our story is one of true American entrepreneurial spirit and our success is much the same. Shortly after the birth of the idea, Pattiz began working. From eight to five he worked every night for over a year, "but we're not the good eight to five" Pattiz has since said while explaining his journey, "We're talking 8PM to 5AM because that's when my manufacturers were awake. The company's first product, The Keystone Polo, would be the result, premiering in stores thirteen months after its conception. The company and all of its products are founded on four cornerstones: Versatility, Elegance, Craftsmanship, and Comfort. Says Pattiz of his mission, "I am committed to providing the world with clothing that conveys class, elegance, and success to wear everywhere for everything."

I received a women's Keystone Polo in Coronado a beautiful orange/peach color which matches perfectly with my Lilly State of Mind Callahan shorts.
I love the description given about the polos and the brand!

"The Sea Otter is a Keystone Species. Without it the entire ocean ecosystem would be in danger. Wihtout The Keystone Series V-Neck your entire wardrobe would be in danger. Try on a Keystone Series V-Neck today and save yourself from this catastrophe. A closet with a Keystone Series V-Neck is a healthy closet. Keep your closets healthy and fill them with plenty of Keystone Series V-Necks."

Not only are these shirts really cute but they are also super comfy and I know I will get tons of wear out of mine and I would love to order one of the RAFT tees because they are also super cute!

Look how vibrant this shirt is!

And I loved my personal note!

Everyone go check out Otter Bay Co. I know great things will be coming from this brand! And also for all of you rising seniors with entrepreneurial spirits check out the scholarship they offer!


And if you are interested in being pen-pals this summer shoot me an email at or see this post!


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