Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mara-Mi Stationary

A couple of months ago Target revamped their stationary section. I, of course, was thrilled because I think I had gone through every different set they sold. The brand of the stationary is now Mara-Mi and the stationary is adorable. I bought a bunch since that is how I will be communicating while I am gone at camp. If you haven't checked them out you definitely should!
I took these pictures from Mara-Mi's website but these are the ones that I know for sure are also sold at Target.

Red Southwestern Blank Note Card set of 15 for $6.99

Pink/Navy/Green Floral Die Cut Thank You set of 10 for $4.99

Green/ Gold Sea Horse Blank Note Card set of 10 for $4.99

Blank Multi Color Wavy Stripes Keepsake Box Cards set of 12 for $5.99

Petite Dots Keepsake Box Note Cards set of 12 for $5.99

Multi Stripe Horizontal Note Card set of 15 for $6.99

and the list goes on and on. They offer so many different styles and designs that this post would be so long if I included them all but if you are interested they can all be seen on Mara-Mi's website.

Which are your favorites?

And yesterdays post went up late yesterday but it is below if you are interested.


  1. I love the flower print. These are really cute :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. i'm absolutely in love with the seahorse cars! next time i go to target, i will most defiantly be picking those up!!
    xo chloe

  3. The petite dots set looks JUST LIKE some old Kate Spade stationery I have! I definitely know that this Target version is a lot cheaper, and just as cute! Great finds!!

  4. Those seahorse ones are ADORABLE!!! For $5 I will definitely be picking those up soon!


  5. Those seahorse cards are absolutely precious!


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