Thursday, May 3, 2012

Watch Out

I think a perfect gift for a graduating senior is something that they will be able to keep and use for years to come. A popular gift I know of is  a nice watch. Lately my pinterest feed has had no shortage of cute watches. While not all of them seem to be long term, I'll have it forever watches, they do seem to encompass trends that have been popular as of late and the price tags don't seem unreasonable. My favorite that everyone seems to be repining is the 
Viscid Watch from Antropologie
How cute is that!? I love this mint/aqua color and the big numbers with gold accents. It comes in yellow, orange, and pink also all with gold hardware. The only thing that seems a little different about these is that the band is a gummy material.

Another fun and more trendy watch style are the ones that have two bands.

Artisan Two-Tone Wrap Watch in Yellow also from Anthropologie.
I can not picture myself wearing one of these only because I would probably struggle trying to put it on without getting it twisted each morning.

Right now I am loving that Kate Spade came out with a watch collection and I don't think they could be anymore perfect.

Metro Round Leather Strap Watch w/ White and Rose Gold

Cooper Leather Strap Watch

Carousel Bangle with Polka Dots

Metro Patterned Watch

Another traditional "designer" watch brand is Michael Kors. He makes tons of different stylish watches that are very cute but practical.

My all time favorite Michael Kors watch is the Tortoise Jet Set Watch

Michael Kors has a plethora of different watches but uses mainly gold hardware although does have a few with silver.

Have any of you ever received a watch as a present? What are your favorite brands?

Happy Thursday!


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  2. Love the selection - I love my MK tortoise, it's a great investment! Right now, I am lusting for that Kate Spade bangle watch! Super cute!

  3. these are so cute! apparently fossil watches are made by the company that makes michal kors watches but they are almost half the price, you should check them out.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely be checking those out!

  4. ^^yeah ik! this one is very similar to the one you posted and a fraction of the price

    1. Thank you so much for sending me this link, I just checked it out and they are so similar! Thanks again!

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