Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lately and Lilly

As the school year winds down things have stayed just as hectic. With graduation, graduation parties, banquets, and exams my schedule stays just as packed as ever. Here is a little recap of recent happenings.

Crawfish Boil:

We look gross because as SGA representatives we had to serve the crawfish. So this is your warning.
me, eWm, mSj


lots o ladies

new jewelry curtsey of these goof balls

Hooray for some of the SGA

As you can tell, I didn't forget my monograms

love these ladies

We had LOTS of crawfish

My friend hPj's graduation party.
Her theme was my Big Fat Greek Graduation:

Soccer Banquet:
I received the Offensive Player of the Year Award and I was also asked to represent my school in a charity soccer game.

Other notable events:
-Ap Biology Exam
-AP Language and Composition Exam
-Another Graduation Party

Don't forget about my monogram necklace giveaway!

And tomorrow morning Rue La La is having a Lilly Pulitzer Gifts sale which you don't want to miss!


  1. I love how you monogrammed your shirt for the crawfish boil! Congrats on your awards, by the way =)


  2. Congrats on your soccer award!! And I'm going to echo the last comment and say I love your monogrammed v-neck... I saw that a few posts ago and love that idea! Where did you get the shirt from that you monogrammed?


    1. You can get them in a pack at Target. I think they are Hanes and in my Target they are with mens undershirts but I would advise getting the thicker ones so that the monogram doesn't pull the shirt!

  3. You are the most precious thing ever! Congratulations on your award, and power through those APs, they are so worth it in the end!


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