Friday, May 4, 2012

Brother's Graduation Present Ideas

I am stuck in a pickle. My brother is graduating form high school on May 20th and I have yet to find him that perfect present! He never asks for anything so the fact that I personally want to get him a present is no help at all. It's crazy that he told my parents what he wanted (a bike) but I don't just want to write my name on that tag, I want to buy him something solely from me. The problem is what could I get him that would last a while and he would actually use? Here are my ideas...

A Smathers and Branson Key Fob with an Alabama A. The dilemma is I have no idea if he would actually use it considering he usually keeps his keys on a lanyard.

Another idea I had was a pair of monogrammed sunglasses. Yes, that sounds extremely feminine but the ones with the block font look really good for guys but I don't know how much he would love having monogrammed sunglasses so I am stuck again!

And that's where my ideas ended. I know a lot of people will mention a bow tie or a tie but I honestly don't think he would wear them seeing as he wants to choose his clothes with no help from others. I don't think he realizes what he is missing, if I dressed him he would look perfect but he is too stubborn. If you have any boy graduation ideas I would love to hear them seeing as I am kind of desperate!

Thanks and Happy Friday!


  1. He might use the monogramed keychain for college, since he'll be getting a key for his dorm room and everything. Other than that, wish I had some ideas for you! Could you get him a nice shirt or something?

  2. What about a game day tie in houndstooth? That's what we got for a senior going to Alabama this year! He is very lucky to have a such a sweet sister! xo Charlotte

  3. i think he would like whatever you get him!! i have two older brothers both in college and one plays sports the other is in fraternity... it all depends on what he is like! hope this helps and congrats to him! thatll be me next year!!

  4. How about something in his new school colours? The keychain is a fun idea! Maybe that or a Tervis Tumbler or water bottle? You could put it in the water bottle holder on his new bike as a surprise!



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