Monday, May 14, 2012

AP Exams

Sorry I haven't posted since last Wednesday but I have been focusing on my AP Exams. 
My first AP Exam is today (I wrote this yesterday) and it is AP Biology. At my school on days you have AP exams you only have to come to school for a half a day so I am super excited about being able to go home and take a nap! On Wednesday I have my second AP Exam which is AP Language and Composition. 
Here have been my must haves for studying for these exams:

1) Review Books
This book and a chart that goes with it have been my best friers while reviewing for my Bio Exam.

This has been my go to snack while studying. It has the perfect ratio of bunnies to pretzels.

(from my instagram: prepinyourstep)
My favorite drink from my favorite local coffee shop. While I am there I usually pick up a piece of pumpkin bread as well. Yumm!

For those of you who may not know, Spotify is a music playing sight that is set up similar to iTunes but all the music is free to listen to on your computer.

5) And last but not least, Sleep
Sleep has made it so that my studying is more efficient.

Good luck to everyone taking exams!


  1. Good luck with your two AP exams! I remember that those were such a pain (I think they're harder than college finals!) And I'm with you on the sleep thing--all nighters don't work, trust me.

  2. I have been doing the same thing! (: check out my post from a couple of days ago. Great minds think alike (:

    xoxo, D
    ps: I know AP Bio was today at my school, hope you did well!

  3. I remember APs. You can do it!

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