Monday, April 2, 2012

Tipsy Skipper

A semi new brand that I am sure will become incredibly popular is Tipsy Skipper. In my post all about Totes I mentioned two totes in this adorable brand and the other products offered are equally as delightful.
I am dying for a pair of skipper skimmers!

What is not to love with these key of sea in shadow?
Or the Pinch Me in Geranium?

And what about these Tipsy Toes? They are so much cuter than regular flip-flops!
Go Fish in Tree Hugger
Starboard Track in Shadow

Of course I love the totes they sell but I also love the colorful key fobs they sell:
Foursome in Putting Green
That's a croc in slo gin fizz

Do any of y'all own Tipsy Skipper products?
What are your favorites?

Definitely go read the about part of the website because Kearsley Lloyd has such a cute story!



  1. The prints are so cute! I want the first pair with the key unique!

  2. I love the flip flops!

    xo M

  3. I love my Tipsy Skipper flats and Kearsley, the creator is AWESOME! An inspiration to all aspiring women entrepreneurs!


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