Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Dresses- Deja Vu

Spring is here and I am loving the warmer weather, although this week the weather has been a little chillier. At my school, the seniors only have 8 days left and 25 days until graduation. That means graduation parties are in full swing and for girls that means it is time to bring out all of your spring dresses.  I personally love wearing dresses but I don't have very many because my mom is all about buying it for an occasion so I have some but not too many. But a family friend whose daughter graduated last year gave me and my mother some great advice! She told me to go ahead and start getting lots of spring dresses so come time for graduation parties and spring events next year I will have a decent amount! I of course had no objection to this advice seeing as I love getting new clothes. So after receiving this advice I decided to do what I do best, online shop! Because my brothers graduation is this year I for sure need a dress for his baccalaureate and graduation. I have one of those covered because I recently went to Banana Republic and got an adorable lace dress but that leaves me needing one more! So, I introduce to you one of my all time favorite clothing boutiques, DejaVu. If any of you remember my Judith March post then you may know that the lady who started this shop created the clothing line, Judith March. So as you may have guessed all of the clothes are adorable! Not only does this shop have incredibly cute dresses but their jewelry, tops, shorts, and outerwear are so stinking cute too! Here are some of the dresses I am considering for my brothers graduation weekend and also for all of the festivities next spring.

The Weekend Walk Dress which I included in my Judith March post. 
The Pink Diamond Dress
The Spring Breeze Dress (very Lilly like)
The Stitching Stories Dress

Because I couldn't help but show you other favorites from the site here are non dress items that I love...
The Rosie Lee Top (swoon)
The Lace of the Mondays Skirt Teal
(the names are so clever)
Flower Me Pretty Shorts

I would love to hear your opinions and which items you like best!
Happy Thursday!!


  1. I love the lace skirt and shorts! They're so unique. I also like the pink diamond dress though for its simplicity.


  2. Shame on you! I wanna shop now!! Super cute dress choices!

  3. everything is so precious! happy shopping!

  4. Hi, Can you share some images of your spring dresses.

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