Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Ramblings and Ask Me Anything

Maybe it is because it is the first week back to school since spring break or maybe because junior year is so hectic but lately I have been exhausted. Soccer consumes most of my life and homework and school tends to get the rest of my time that I feel like summer and breaks are the only times to relax and breathe. Well as I am sure all of y'all can guess breathing every month and a half can't be healthy. I know this year will only get more hectic with AP Exams around the corner, the ACT, finals, and papers left and right but I need to keep in perspective that while school is my job, focus, and life sometimes I should take a step back and rest. My biggest struggle with this realization is that I feel like I don't have time to do that. Ironic right? Well this is how I discovered that for me blogging is that breath of fresh air and time to step away from school, sports, and extracurricular. I figured out that this is why I love blogging. Everyone in the blogosphere is o welcoming and inviting that it would be impossible to not find your place and I am so glad that a few short months ago I started this journey. The craziest thing is that all that y'all know about me or what I know about different bloggers comes only from their post and little description so I decided to do a "get to know me better post." In this post I don't really want to ramble about irrelevant things so I thought it would be super fun if y'all asked me bunches of questions about ANYTHING. So ask away and I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!



  1. I love your blog! Its so cute! I was wondering, how did you get the idea for the smart girls group?


  2. I have a question: how long have you been playing soccer?

  3. This is similar to the above question, but what level of soccer do you play (how competitive is your team?) Do you think you want to pursue soccer in college? I play soccer too :)

    I love your blog!


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