Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Hunger Games

Over my trip to Orlando (which I am back from now) I read the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy and am obsessed. On the drive home I read 150 pages of the second book and I do not want to stop reading them! I highly recommend them because they are an easy read but just to warn you after opening the book you should plan on being anti social because you will not want to stop reading! Now I just need to finish the second, start the third, and see the movie!
And in other news today is race day for bama bound brother. His name has now changed from college bound to bama bound because he has finally made up his mind. He is going to the University of Alabama with a full ride for academics. He signed and is now a varsity runner for the school as well. Tonight at 9:00 he will be doing his second two mile track race ever. And that lucky boy and my dad are in California ready for the race! I hope that he does even better than last time and that would be very impressive considering his two mile time two weeks ago was 9.12. Yes, you read that correctly nine minutes and 12 seconds. "Good luck (brother) and may the odds be ever in your favor!"



  1. My boyfriend went to Alabama! Congrats to your bro :)

  2. I knew you would be obsessed with The Hunger Games. It really is aamzing! And good luck to your brother. That race time is AMAZING!

  3. I saw Hunger Games yesterday and downloaded the second book today. I can't put it down!!

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