Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just Madras

Since yesterday I talked about a cute company I decided that today I would do something similar! Today the company is Just Madras. I am sure that name is familiar to many of y'all and if not go check out the cute clothing that they have to offer! Since we are nearing summer and spring is officially here what better time is there to look at new clothing!
Here are my favorites:

The Madras Patchwork Jennifer Dress-Great Island

Kyle Pink Seersucker Skirt
This style is precious and such a fun staple!

Madras Plaid Patchwork Lucy Skirt- Sea Island

Seersucker Sophie Shorts
The best part of these shorts apart from the ruffle is that they can be monogrammed!

With all of these precious clothes, Just Madras has equally cute accessories! I am so sad that the do not have a retailer near me or I would have many of the products they offer! Do y'all have any Just madras clothes? Which products are your favorites?

And if y'all have any hair and makeup tips for prom please tell me anything and everything!


  1. These are all so adorable! I especially like the seersucker shorts! For my junior prom my friend curled my hair and I did it half back and for my senior prom I went and got my hair done at a salon. It was curled and then put into a big bun/updo in the back. I LOVED my hair senior year. I think it depends what sort of neckline your dress has to decide if you should have your hair up or down! I kept my make up really simple/natural both times :) It gets pretty hot with so many people in one room and I didn't want to look like a mess!

  2. I love the seersucker skirt and shorts - too cute!

  3. loved the shorts :) as for prom hair ideas it kinda depends on your dress... my dress is strapless and has a simple front so i am wearing it down but if your dress has a bold front i would wear my hair up. as for makeup im very simple and youre gonna be a hot mess afterwards so keep it easy and sweatproof :)

  4. I love the Madras skirt the best I think. There's something I just love about skirts.

    As for prom tips: like the commenter above said, simple is best when it comes to makeup. Make sure that your mascara is waterproof--I saw so many girls with black lines down their faces from sweating during the dance! As for your hair, it really depends on the dress. Post a pic of it for us to see!


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