Sunday, March 25, 2012

100th Post!

I am back!! I apologize for taking a week off but my life at the moment and all last week was so hectic that even on Sunday I didn't have the time to pre write posts. But no more worrying about that because I have posts scheduled all week even though this week is crazier than last week. Prom is this upcoming Friday and that is when spring break starts so I am sure other students feel the same way about teachers cramming in tests before we forget it all laying out in the sun. I have a test in every subject this week and soccer games on Tuesday and Thursday (YIKES!). On Friday, students attending prom only have to go to half a day of school so that we can pretty ourselves up for the fun night ahead. But even with half a day I have to be ready by 3 to meet up with my group so I may have to do my nails myself (Another YIKES!). As if I wasn't pressed for time enough already because I am a Junior class officer and technically we host prom for the seniors, I am in charge of callouts. For those of you who are not familiar with what callouts are let me explain/complain. Callouts occur at the beginning of prom and it is where each student is introduced in front of everyone at the event. Here is an example of one that:

Mr. Robert Adam Wright is the son of Dr. and Mrs. John Wright and is escorting Miss Anna Susan Clark. Anna is the daughter of Mr. James Clark and Mrs. Allison Smith.

I have to include the students full name, their parents names (super complicated when they are divorced) and all the same information for their dates and I have to announce these on stage at prom and I am not a fan of public speaking! And better yet, I have to do this for 75 students! As if the event of prom isn't stressful enough. Now I am done with my complaining hehe! 

I am so excited that I have now posted 100 posts on my blog. It seems like yesterday that I started this and I am thankful for all of my readers as well!


  1. Good luck on all your tests and everything else going on in your life! And don't forget to enjoy every moment and every once in a while take a breather, because really, as cheesy as it sounds times flies by fast in high school and as much as you want to hurry out of high school you'll miss it. (But I'll let you in on a secret college is 100x better than high school!!!) Have fun at prom! And please share pictures! :)

  2. Goodluck with your busy week! I have a crazy week too, but I think yours is still 10x more stressful! I'm sure with even you painting your nails you will still look gorgeous! I appreciate you taking the time to post even though you are so busy! I am looking forward to hearing all about prom! xoxo Charlotte

  3. Wow your prom sounds really intense. We never did callouts, but it sounds pretty neat and makes the whole thing really classy. Good luck with everything, you can do it!


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