Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shopping Help and Guest Bloggers Needed

So not this weekend but the next weekend I will be venturing for my first time to Charleston, SC to look at the College of Charleston and to see the city. I will also be heading to Greenville, SC to look at Furman and Clemson later on that same week. I am so excited about these college visits and am so fortunate that my school has a week long Mardi Gras break allowing me plenty of time to visit a few schools. Well now that I have my campus tours and hotel rooms all lined up I wanted to start thinking about the really important part, the shopping and eating! And who better to ask about favorite shops and restaurants then my blogging friends who may have visited these locations! So if any of you have been to charleston or Greenville I would love to know of some great shops and restaurants in the area seeing as my mom and I can't wait to explore the cities! I even think that on our way home we will be stopping in Atlanta so that we can do even more shopping! If you have suggestions please comment or email me because I love y'alls opinion. Also during this time that I will be college visiting I am looking for guest bloggers! The week I need bloggers is from February 18th through February 26th. If you are interested in that please comment or email me because I love hosting other bloggers on my page. 
I can't wait to hear what all y'all have to say and I hope everyone had a great Thursday!


  1. I grew up in CHarleston before moving to Charlotte, NC when I was in high school. It is truely a dream place to live. While there the shops on King street are of course amazing and poogens porch is the best resturant :) But honestly any where you eat there is great. The only thing to thing about going to college there is that it is so touristy and is very different for a typical college town. Has less of the feel. Alot of my friends go and they either love it or hate it but its beautiful no doubt.

  2. I would love to guest blog for you! Let me know what I can do for ya! XO

  3. Okay, I am in LOVE with Greenville. AMH's mom lives there and it is a really nice town! The last time I was there, we went to Soby's, and it was delicious. It is traditional American food with a small twist. I love Pink Bee (Lilly) and The Pink Monogram!

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