Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guest Bloggers and Suggestions

I talked about this on Thursday but I am going on college visits from February 18th through February 26th and I need some guest bloggers! So if you are interested in doing that I would love it if you would comment or email me so I can add you to that list. The other part of what I talked about on Thursday was shopping and food suggestions in Charleston and Greenville South Carolina. If any of you have suggestions for that I would love to hear them! I am so exhausted from taking the ACT and to make it better I have so much homework I am having to work on for this week. Because I have all of the next week off my teachers are trying to finish up chapters before we are out for the break. So the end of this week is going to be crazy with the amount of tests we have. And on top of that I have a soccer game on Tuesday night, two games Friday night, and two games on Saturday and after my second game on Saturday my mom and I are heading to Charleston. Can you say busy? It will be hectic but I am so excited for the upcoming break even if I do have a test every day of this week in all my subjects before then. In other news I got my haircut this weekend because I realized how long and uneven it had gotten. I am still sort of growing it out but I got 3 inches off of it which put it a lot shorter than I thought it would but overall I like it! On Saturday night my friend and I decided to go see The Vow together and while it was cute and good it wasn't great and I wanted more explanation at the end. Overall though I would recommend going to see it!
I have lots of homework still to do so I am going to get back to that but if you would like to guest post for me please let me know as well as if you have any food or shopping suggestions in Charleston or Greenville.
Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I would love to guest blog

  2. I would love to guest blog. Hope all goes well on your visits!

  3. i would love to do guest blog. :)

  4. My (now husband) went to school at The Citadel in Charleston, so I was there almost every weekend in college! We graduated this past May, and now live in Texas! For shopping, I would definitely just give yourself PLENTY of time to walk up and down King Street. ALL of the best shops are on that street....and some good restaurants, too.

    I'm your newest follower, and would love to guest blog for you, if you still need people!!


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