Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A lot of the blogs I follow do really cute Outfit of the Days and post them. I am sad that if I were to do that y'all would see the same thing on me Monday through Friday. Upsetting right? Well, only sort of. The school I attend is a private school in Alabama and we have uniforms. I have heard tons of people mope and gripe about uniforms, but quite honestly I LOVE THEM! I don't find them unattractive or uncomfortable at all! Uniforms save me tons of time and my parents money. I am so thankful I do not have to pick out a nice-ish outfit to wear to school each day. And fortunately we have some options with our uniforms! We have four shirt options (all white) : School monogrammed polo, long-sleeved school monogrammed polo, short-sleeved oxford, long-sleeved oxford. We do not have options with uniform bottoms because we have a plaid skirt with built in shorts (no it is not a skort). We are allowed to wear navy or black tights and socks can be any height as long as they are white. For shoes we wear bucks (bass makes them). Outerwear is what we have the most options with. We can wear any school sweatshirt (every sport has a different one along with ones with the schools name ect.), a navy blue blazer, a navy blue sweater/cardigan, sweatshirts from class trips, and when you are a senior you are allowed to wear a sweatshirt from any college you have been accepted to. We are also allowed to wear scarves (as long as they are navy, white, black, or dark green) and gloves. I feel like there are tons of way to personalize our uniforms, I do so by wearing jewelry, headbands, and hair bows just to name a few! This was what I wore today:
It was really chilly out today so I threw on the monogrammed scarf we were given on our class trip. (Yes, I am covering my name hehe)

And this is it minus the scarf! 
How cute would a marley lilly white, navy or green cashmere feel scarf be with my uniform! I may just have to order one!
What do you think? Do y'all love uniforms, or did your school have them? Any other ideas of ways to customize your uniform without breaking the rules? I would love to hear from you!

Better swish jellyfish!


  1. Hey girl! I totally agree with the uniform thing! I went to a public high school but for a long time they talked about making us wear uniforms and I was fine with it. Yours is really cute! The ML scarf would be perfect!

    BTW I live in Bama too! Thanks for following my blog! I'm now your newest follower!

    XO Julia

  2. I went to a public school and can't imagine wearing uniforms everyday. Like you said though, I think it would be much cheaper and easier to get up and know everyone was wearing the same thing. I'm so glad you shared this!

  3. Your uniforms are actually cute, and you seem to have a lot of versatility. I wouldn't complain either! Haha.

  4. Hey girl! Thanks for becoming a follower, super sweet bloggie! xo

  5. I love this post! I always wanted uniforms in high school and being a future teacher, would love to see them wherever I teach! I think it is a great way to establish equality among everyone and an even better way to eliminate the stress of getting ready each morning! Plus, your outfit is super cute! Do you wear a skirt everyday?

  6. Thank you all for the sweet comments, I love reading them! And thank you also for all my new followers!
    Ashley- we are allowed to wear kaki pants when it is cold out but I never have because those days I just wear leggings under my skirt. But other than that we wear skirts daily. My school is PK-12 so the younger girls have sports and jumpers but we only have skirts!

  7. My school is very strict, so unfortunately I can't get away with wearing stuff i would like to. I love your school skirt :)

    your newest follower

  8. lucky girl! At my school outerwear is SO strict! We are only allowed to wear school jackets/sport team warm up jackets (unless you're a senior..then college sweatshirts.) although that doesn't mean I sneak a few cable knit sweaters and mountain hard wear jackets in school..the demerits are worth it if it's cold! Love your blog, thanks for following!!


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