Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Five Tuesday: School Supplies

Today I am linking up with Rachel over at Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday! This weeks top five is school supplies!! I obsess over school supplies. I love going to Staples, Target, ect. and looking at all the fun paper products to organize everything. It makes the fact that summer is ending so much more bearable because of all the cute new products you can get when school supply shopping. I am very picky when it comes to buying my supplies because I prefer to have each subject color coordinated. If you want to see my organization method for this semester check it out here.
Here are my top five school necessities:

1) A planner, this year I have a Lilly Pulitzer one which is just ok because of the space on the page, the large spiral, and the pictures on the pages. All that is kind of distracting when trying to organize everything together so next year I probably won't go for another Lilly Pulitzer one no matter how cute they are. After reading other blogs top five Tuesday entries I really want to try out an Erin Condren planner! 

2) My next favorite is actually two things. Those two things are: binder clips and paper clips. I am not a huge fan of stapling things, especially when they are going to go in a binder so I tend to like to paper clip items together and then for larger items or to hold my place in my agenda or notebooks I like to use binder clips. The cuter the better because who would want plain when there are so many cute options like these that I found on Etsy.

3) Next is pencils, pens, and highlighters. If you couldn't tell already I am completely cheating because I have already exceeded five school supply items, but I'm grouping them so that is my justification. 
Colored pens are a must because they are how I make study guides and organize my agenda. I do not have these specific pens but I have some similar to them but when my pens run out these are probably what I will go for next because of the raves other bloggers have given them!
These are Paper Mates Clearpoint Mechanical pencils and they are the pencils I have been using since middle school and am obsessed. I've probably had a solid 20 of these pencils over that course of time which doesn't sound like a lot, but considering the quality of the pencil is pretty good. These pencils last forever especially since you can buy separate packs of erasers and the pencils come in tons of cute colors too. If you have not tried these then I highly suggest them to you!
I have used Sharpie highlighters for a long time and love them but at the beginning of the school year when I found their new gel highlighters I flipped. They are awesome. They have a rounded tip and don't dry out. they also have so much highlighter in the barrel that you just twist up. They are so convenient and best of all they don't smear!

4) Post-Its. Need I say more? They are the perfect means to organizing anything and can be stuck to whatever they need to be stuck to. And another plus? There are so many cute post-it options! ANd even the original post-its are pretty cute!
How cute is this desk post-it cube that you can personalize? I am loving it and it can be found on easy!
And on a side note I LOVE this laptop case, found on the same etsy site:

5) My fifth and final favorite school supplies are... Folders, notepads, and binders! Are you surprised I couldn't pick just one? Most of the time I pick up cute ones from Staples or target but next year I am going to need to remember this etsy site because she sells the cutest personalized school supplies!
I am loving this notebook!! And the fact that everything is custom to how you want it to look!
She also has the cutest planners too! I am loving them!

I hope you enjoy school supplies as much as I do, otherwise this post is ramblings to you! And I would love to hear what your favorite school supply items are as well!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I love the ideas :) And the laptop case.

    Lol, i wouldn't be able to pick just one too :)

    For ur binders , i remember the lilly pulitzer blog from the pink and green prep, If you havent checked it out it's so cool.

  2. I just found your blog and am so excited! I love when I find other high school preppy bloggers! I agree with all of your school supplies choices. I use the lilly agenda too but for next year I have my eye out on a cute Kate spade one!


  3. I'm loving that laptop case! Just found your blog! Its adorable :] I'm in high school too!

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