Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm behind

Hello friends! Sorry for the lack of posts lately I just haven't had much to say or the time to say it. On Thursday I had an indoor soccer game which we won (yippee) and so next week we will be in the semi finals! I scored a bunch in the game and was very excited. Friday was a great day at school because it was just that, school, no tests, quizzes, papers due, it was just class. Those types of days are so refreshing. Thursday night I also didn't have all that much homework so I watched the Pretty Little Liars episode I missed and was shocked. Such a good episode and intense as well. Last night, Friday, I went to a friends house and we headed to our schools basketball game. Both the girls and the boys lost but it was against the number two team in the state, and it was a close game too! Then I went back to her house and we watched some tv and fell asleep. Today I headed home and went out to lunch with my mom and dad. I then darted to our outdoor mall to shop for both of my soccer littles and whoever is my pink partner for kappa prep's annual pink swap. Whoever my pink partner is I am loving all of your prizes that will be coming to you in February! If you haven't checked it out I think there is still time to sign up. I can not wait until we find out who our partners are. For my soccer littles I got them adorable cosmetic bags and cute floral pajamas. We do a fun thing called midnight madness where we all get together and bond on the first night you are allowed to touch the ball. We have it next weekend and I feel so accomplished to already have their gifts. Next weekend is when we have it and we start the day by going to a local camp to do high and low ropes. We then come home at around four and then at around ten we meet at our school to play some friendly soccer games and then we head on over to a team mates house for little and big reveal and silly question games. We spend the night over at eWm house and have yoga the next morning. I am so excited about all that is in store this semester although I know it will be very hectic. As I am typing this post I am watching the Miss America pageant, rooting on Miss Alabama! Sorry for the ramblings and I hope y'all are having a great weekend thus far!



  1. Congrats on winning your game! Sounds like the midnight madness will be a lot of fun!


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