Thursday, January 19, 2012

Disco Fever

Haha I don't actually have disco fever instead I have a major dilemma. Tomorrow night my schools SGA (student government) is holding a disco themed dance. Because I am an elected member for my grade I am required to go even though I really should be unsung that time to do homework since this weekend is going to be so hectic. Well because it isn't Halloween and I can't run to a Halloween store and snatch up a costume I am going to have to be creative. And seeing as the dance is tomorrow I kind of put it off until last minute and I have no idea what to wear. Suggestions are welcome and I won't have a bunch of time to go purchase something so I am going to have to be crafty. Here are some pictures that I found on google of disco attire and let me reassure you by saying I have noting like this in my closet.
These are rough but hopefully I will find something. To the costume box I will go, fingers crossed!
The end of this week has been super stressful and I have so much due tomorrow that I know it is going to be a late night and I am already exhausted. Tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday I have three lovely blogging girls guest posting for me so I hope y'all enjoy that. I will be recapping my super fun and crazy weekend on Monday so stick around friends and feel free to give me disco suggestions!



  1. It sounds like fun! I had something like this and I just wore riding boots and a brighter looking dress (not with bell sleeves or anything), went and got junky plastic jewelry from Forever 21, and wore a scarf on my head. Good luck!! I have that post coming for ya tonight or tomorrow morning :]

  2. For a few date functions in college, I bought a yard of sequined fabric and wrapped it around me as a dress (I know it sounds a little skanky, but it's actually more fabric than you'd think). I'd tie it in a knot and then pin it down the front and wear spandex shorts underneath (just in case anything were to come undone). You could get some brightly colored tights and wear a tank top underneath or add a cardigan since it's for school. Here's a link that has some pictures of me in the sequined dresses (I made a blue and a red), if you need a visual:


  4. They have a pre-homecoming party where I live that is similar. I wore a sparkly dress with boots, usually to find kind of tacky, 70's styles you can go to the dress sections of Forever 21. good luck (:

  5. if you have any fun fabrics, you can take a long skinny piece and make a headband--I'm also pretty positive your parents might have some 70s flair ;) have fun! xoxo {av} |{long distance loving}

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