Thursday, December 22, 2011

Packed and Ready

Hi! I'm sorry this post is so late, I didn't realize how long it would take me to pack. Today was very low key and the first day all break I did not have to set an alarm! I went to lunch and saw New Years Eve, which was super good and I recommend it! And this evening I had an indoor soccer game (which my team won!).  Then it was packing time. Confession: I am not the lightest packer but we are taking three cars so this trip that didn't really matter. The following pictures are ones I took while packing and hopefully while at my grandparents house I will remember to take pictures of the outfits, but for now...
Jeans. From top to bottom: J.Crew, Banana Republic, J. Brand, Joe's

Sweaters: J. Crew, J. Crew, Old Navy, Polo

Jackets: Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, Monogrammed Sweatshirt

Coat: Jack by B.B. Dakota

Help me choose which one to wear on Christmas Eve please! Both I would wear with tights and flats. Option #1

Option #2

Christmas Pajamas and Birthday Pajamas!



I am sorry I did not take pictures of the shoes I am taking or some of the other clothes I brought, but maybe if I remember to take outfit photos you will be able to see the rest. And please help me choose which Christmas Eve Dress!

Merry (ALMOST) Christmas,


  1. I always pack too much. I'm actually planning on doing a blog post about how to pack for home. Stay tuned! Haha.

  2. Is that a Vineyard Vines shep shirt?

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