Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hello! I am sad that I am again apologizing for the inconsistent blogging. The holiday season has really changed my routine. But since I am back I decided I would share what I got for Christmas and my birthday (12/26). I always love seeing what other people have received when viewing their blogs and in no way am trying to make this look "bragy"...So here it is:
Oh boy was I surprised when I unwrapped this after my parents had told me there was no way I would be receiving it because we were having a small Christmas...they fooled me! (And I am loving it! Never going back to a PC)
I love these! Wore these all day after I unwrapped the box!
I got this in sterling silver and it is precious. It even looks cute by its self and not stacked with is perfect considering I am going to have to patiently wait for the others!
Jonathan Adler laptop needs my monogram on it and then I think it will be set!

Are these not the cutest pushpins! Yay Anthropologie!

Same with these! They are also push pins.

Cute makeup bag that I will probably end up using as a pencil case for school because I like it so much!

My aunt gave me this vintage Gucci bracelet!! It was definitely one of my favorite gifts because it was such a surprise! I love it and it looks super cute with my David Yurman bracelet! I plan to wear it daily!

I also got lots of smaller gifts too but I decided only to include the ones above...otherwise there would be a picture overload and I would be a tad bit overwhelmed!
Hope everyone else's holiday season was just as fun!!



  1. So jealous of your Macbook!!! I'm a proud owner of an iPhone and iPad...but am still stuck with a PC that's NOT my favorite! Looks like you had a great holiday!!! :)

  2. wow, the macbook is great! I have 2 of them as well and I am in love! you will be too! You really got spoilt, you can be so happy!

  3. yes, once you get a mac computer of any sort you are converted for LIFE! :) I love mine, you got a lot of awesome gifts :) check out my blog sometime!!

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