Saturday, November 18, 2017

What to Wear for Thanksgiving: Red Ruffles and Tassel Earrings

Happy Saturday. I sure hope you have plans to enjoy your day. I worked my bottom off this week at school to make sure that I left on Friday prepared for our two days of school next week as well as the full week following the break. I did that so that this weekend could be completely devoted to stretching my mind creatively and working to come up with wonderful and worthwhile content for y'all in the coming weeks. While most people wouldn't consider this to be a fun weekend activity it pretty much sums up what I want to be doing so that this coming week I am able to enjoy the little vacation I'll have at home. 

I've started to think about what to take home for Thanksgiving (more on that soon) and constantly have to remind myself to actually check what the weather is going to be like in Alabama. I've been known to head home from Greenville with pieces that are suitable for our fall weather but a little too hot for what I should be wearing at home. In a hope to not make that same mistake I am sure that I'll be bringing home some blouses that are easy to throw on with jeans but still look cute for Fall. Most of my closet in the fall and winter is made up of white and grey, and I've been trying to make a point of adding in some pretty pops of color. Red is a color I have very little of in my closet (aside from 3 red cocktail dresses, because that's so necessary). When I spotted this bell sleeve ruffle number on Nordstrom's site last month I knew I needed to give it a try. 

When I arrived I realized it was closer to a wine color (or "garnet" if you live anywhere remotely close to people who are fans of the University of South Carolina). The color definitely makes it more versatile to be dressed up or down, and I've worn this both out on the weekends and with pants to work without any sort of hesitation. If this isn't your color however, it comes in navy as well! Fun sleeves seem to be the style of the season and I can't complain as I love the looser fit. If you're still searching for what to wear for Thanksgiving this top paired with my favorite tassel earrings make for a more dressed up casual ensemble. Paired with some dark wash denim and my favorite booties (seriously can't stop wearing these) it almost seems too easy to be true. When preparing for the holidays can come with stress over the details fortunately your outfit decision won't contribute to that. 

top // jeans // booties // bag // earrings 

Other adorable blouses I've had my eyes on that would be perfect for upcoming outings and holiday gatherings:

Friday, November 17, 2017

Post-Grad Apartment Room Tour

Want to know one of the few cons of living in furnished on campus housing all four years of college? Starting off furnishing an apartment from scratch. Because of that, this post has been a long time coming and I am so excited to finally reveal my apartment bedroom to y'all! I moved the stuff I did have in during late April and didn't really start furnishing and decorating it until coming back when grad school began in June. 

For those of you who may just be discovering my site, I graduated from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina in May with a bachelor's in Elementary Education and am currently living in Greenville teaching fourth grade while also getting my master's in Early Childhood Education. I live in an apartment with two friends from my pledge class near downtown. We have a number of other friends at our apartment complex so it has been a great way to get acclimated to the "real world." 

Fortunately, when decorating my previous bedrooms in my on campus apartment I was sure to purchase things that could eventually be used in other apartments. That meant purchasing a queen size comforter, lamps and art that I could use in the future, and making sure the items I did have could work together in future places. Even with that mindset, I needed A LOT of stuff in order for my bedroom to feel more like home. Now, nearly six months later, I have finally finished my room and can assure you that it is a relaxing space that I look forward to coming home to. Since I outfitted the room over time it made the expenses seem less overwhelming (because buying a bed frame, mattress, headboard, dresser, and other furniture can be rather pricey). I am so excited to be sharing this with you and have done my best to include where various pieces are from so that you can shop them if they are something that would complete your own space! Eventually I hope to share our living room although it still has a little ways to go before it feels complete. Maybe by the time we move out...

Brace yourself for more pictures than you bargained for!

Let's start with my favorite part, my bed. If you watched this vlog from over the summer you may remember the struggle of deciding on a mattress (and getting it in my apartment and set up) on my own. There were many questions for my parents about the difference between mattresses that needed box springs and those that didn't so I'm sure they were equally as excited once I finally tackled that to-do. Word to the wise, get your bed frame first because situating a mattress on a bed frame by yourself is not easy! My headboard had been gifted to me by Not Just Dorms and I love the simplistic nature of the white faux leather with silver railheads. The next place I set it up I will definitely nail it up a bit higher so that it is more visible behind all of my pillows but you live and you learn. As a lover of symmetry I did not love the idea of having a bed side table on one side and a large desk on the other but with the configuration of my room it definitely worked best this way. The white with navy scallop quilt was used in my previous apartments (see here and here) but I mixed it up a bit with a new bed skirt, pillow shams, and my favorite duvet cover. Since it hasn't been too cold yet I actually haven't put a duvet insert into the cover but I foresee myself doing that in the very near future. My parents have been transitioning my room at home to be more of a guest room (thanks a lot...) however, that worked in my favor since I was able to take some of the blue and white pieces I loved from there with me to my new apartment. My little in my sorority gave me the most beautiful monogrammed pillow cases that I use on my sleeping pillows and stacked on top of those I have two euro shams from Roberta Roller Rabbit, two from Room 422 (where the duvet is also from), and a throw pillow I found from Waiting on Martha. My sheets and dust ruffle are from Annie Selke and I love how they compliment the colors from my patterned pillows. 

Above my bed is a print that says "Don't believe me just watch" with a navy matte from Mackenzie Horan's old boutique. I knew that I wanted to incorporate that into this bedroom as well since my parents included a nod to it in a letter they wrote me senior year of college. In they stated "The poster you have that says 'don't believe me just watch' couldn't be more accurate in describing your approach to challenges. We are proud but never surprised at your drive and what you accomplish." Letters from people have always been special to me so looking at that often reminds me of that sweet note from them. 

Headboard: Not Just Dorms // Quilt: Gilt // Duvet Cover: Room 422 // Sheets: Annie Selke // 
Dust Ruffle: Annie Selke // Throw Pillow: Waiting on Martha // 
Monogrammed Euro Shams: Room 422 // Patterned Euro Shams: Roberta Roller Rabbit
Monogrammed Pillow Cases: Horseshoe Crab // Print Above Bed: Design Darling

Next to my bed on the left when you are looking at it is my nightstand. After finally making the decision to use one night stand and a desk on the other side, my original nightstand came in damaged so the company sent me a second so I ended up with two regardless. This will be nice in the future if I want matching night stands since I could hide the damaged one on the far side of the bed and have the symmetry I love back. I knew I needed something with a bit of storage and fell in love with the campaign look that these gave which coordinated well with my desk. On the nightstand I have some books, a lamp, tissues, a cup for water, and a little dish that keeps odds and ends altogether. 

Between my bathroom door and bed I chose to put the rug I used in my previous bedrooms. I love the unique style of the grey, zebra-shaped rug and personally think that it compliments the silver and white around my room well. Since there was still a bit of space between the nightstand and the wall I found this cool silver basket that I keep blankets (and my hair dryer) in which is strategically hiding my printer. As for art over here I did my best to balance either side of the bed and did so with this navy Greenville pennant, Evelyn Henson's map print of Greenville, a picture of a Parisian facade, and a girl wearing stripes and a bun. All of this art was from previous apartments as well, but I had a good time mixing the pieces in different ways to make it feel updated. 

Nightstand: ---- // Greenville Pennant: ------ // Greenville Print: Evelyn Henson // 
Stripe & Bun Print: Etsy // Parisian Facade: Design Darling // Zebra Rug: Lolli // 
Silver Basket: Waiting on Martha // Navy Cable Knit Blanket: Annie Selke

Now for the other side of my bed, where my desk is. I have loved the style of campaign furniture and ended up pinning a number of rooms with furniture of this style before purchasing anything for my apartment. I happened to see a campaign desk on Craig's List and jumped at the opportunity to have it in my room. It took a bit of cleaning up (and a fresh coat of paint) to get it looking right but was completely worth it in the end. I had used a ghost chair at school and found it to be comfortable so I continued to use one here as well (my cute Navy PB teen chair gets much more use at my desk in my classroom). Above my desk is a pretty white scalloped pin board from PB Teen that holds a calendar, pictures of some of my favorite people, notes, and other little things that are fun to have on display. Next to that is another PB Teen find from one of my favorite artists, Evelyn Henson. The colors of the piece are soothing which is calming for an area where I am aiming to get a lot done. On top of my desk I have some acrylic organizers to avoid a big mess, an alarm clock, pictures of my family, and two cute ceramic houses that my mom and I collect which I have to thank for my love of blue and white! 

Desk: Craig's List // Chair: Amazon // Pillow in Chair: Willa Heart // Pinboard: PB Teen
Framed Evelyn Henson Piece: PB Teen // Alarm Clock: PB Teen // Leopard Rug: Annie Selke 
Acrylic Magazine File: CB2 // Calendar: Sweet Caroline Designs // Blue & White Houses: Etsy

Figuring out what to do with the space under my window ended up being more of a challenge than I anticipated. Once I stumbled across the bench version of my favorite storage furniture I had the perfect idea, a window seat! Having this area double as a place to set and store things became a real game changer. I was even able to incorporate fabrics from my previous apartments on the bench. The navy cubes I had from other similar storage furniture and I definitely think it helped to tie things together. Purchasing blackout curtains was so necessary and I'm not sure what took me so long. At the beginning of the school year the sun would stream in and wake me up before 6:00 and I'm pleased to report I no longer have that problem. Next to the two benches (that I pushed together to look like one) is a bookshelf that I had in my apartment senior year. I initially thought this would make its way to my classroom but having a shelf for my books and knickknacks in my apartment became more of a necessity than I thought. Now that I have a chair next to it I am so glad that I kept it in my room. 

Benches: Amazon // Navy Bins: Target // White Blackout Curtains: Amazon // 
Leaning Bookshelf: Amazon // Fan: Homegoods // Pom Pom Tote: DIY here // Chair: Wayfair

And now for the final area of my room. Another one of the pieces that I purchased pretty early on was my dresser. Despite having the master bedroom, I have the smallest closet and knew I would need a place to store folded clothes. I found the dresser at Ikea and would love to eventually update it with cuter pulls but for now it works. My grandparents had an extra smart TV that they offered me that I decided to put in my bedroom. I've never had a TV in my room before and boy am I a fan. Saturday morning blogging in bed with Netflix on and a hot cup of coffee is pretty amazing. Displayed on my dresser are some books, jewelry organizers, and a couple of candles. Figuring out what I wanted to hang above the dresser took some time as well. When I saw this Katie Kime camel print  I was sold. The navy accents and colors were the perfect addition to that large, blank wall. I framed Camela in a silver poster frame I found at At Home and called it a day. In front of my dresser I have a rug that I had in my bedroom at home. I love the ikat style of it and the way it incorporates some different shades of blue (as if I needed anymore). 

Dresser: Ikea // Rug: Overstock // Camel Print: Katie Kime // Vase: Caroline Boykin
Earring Organizer: Amazon // Necklace Organizer: Marley Lilly

So there you have it, my humble abode. I am so sorry that it took so long for me to finally get around to posting this but hope it gives any of you in the process of decorating a space some optimism about the long process being worthwhile! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Novels With Nell - The Hiding Place

The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect for cozying up with a good book. With the cold weather, drizzle, and my Netflix fireplace going (highly recommend but don’t judge it til you’ve tried it) a book would have been the perfect companion. I opted to blog instead, but I am still going to take the mentality that it is the thought that counts!

Ironically enough, in my grad school class last night one of our supervisors started to rave about the book Tuesdays with Morrie. If you're curious of where you may have heard that before then it may have been in one of Nell's previous posts! Nell let me borrow some books before I came back to school and I'm semi embarrassed to admit that most have remained on the bookshelf. One of our assignments for next semester includes reading a book of our choice (semi related to education and perspective) and that was one book that was recommended. Maybe for this assignment I'll end up taking Nell and our supervisor's recommendations. I laughed a little when reading this week's Novels with Nell since Nell mentioned that she hasn't really had any books of interest lately. With that said I would like to say that I suggested The Woman in Cabin 10 which she tried and put down. Apparently we aren't the best at taking one another's suggestions.

When catching up on the phone on Sunday I asked Nell what book she would be talking about this week and got on a slight tangent about how interesting it is to read about the Holocaust and the people who survived the persecution and concentration camps. World War II and the Holocaust are something I've always found intriguing so her recommendation this week is surely one I'd be interested in!

I’ve been in a bit of a reading rut lately. I just haven’t found a book that’s grabbed me recently, but I haven’t really been looking either. That means I have to keep sharing old favorites, but I it’s kind of fun to reminisce on these books, and it makes me think of books I’d like to reread. The Hiding Place is one of those “reread” books. Corrie Ten Boom lived a quiet, most would say ordinary, life running a watch shop with her father and sister, Betsie, in the Netherlands. When WWII breaks out, the Ten Boom family hides Jews from the Nazis in their home, until they are discovered and sent to a concentration camp with the Jews. I could end it right there, and The Hiding Place would be another remarkable true story of the selfless people who helped Jews during the Holocaust, putting their own lives at risk. But what is different about this story is Corrie’s and her sister’s profound faith. Even in the darkest time imaginable, filled with extreme suffering, they holds on to their faith in God, and shows how even in the pit, He is still there. This is a great book, especially if you love history and WWII, but even more so for the example it is of the power of faith and the truth that we can never be separated from God’s love (Romans 8:35-39).

"“I pray that God forgives them...”
Corrie Ten Boom stood naked with her older sister Betsie, watching a concentration camp matron beating a prisoner. “Oh, the poor woman,” Corrie cried. “Yes. May God forgive her,” Betsie replied. And, once again, Corrie realized that it was for the souls of the brutal Nazi guards that her sister prayed.

Both women had been sent to the camp for helping the Jews. Christ’s Spirit and words were their guide; it was His persecuted people they tried to save—at the risk of their own lives; it was His strength that sustained them through times of profound horror.

Here is a book aglow with the glory of God and the courage of a quiet Christian spinster whose life was transformed by it. A story of Christ’s message and the courage woman who listened and lived to pass it along—with joy and triumph!”


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rainy Winter Weather Wear

As of late I've had more weekend plans than I could say at the beginning of this semester. Because of that, I feel like I've been wearing many of my clothes in a variety of ways for work and activities on the weekend in an attempt to dress for this ever changing weather. Before heading back to Greenville at the beginning of August after a quick trip home I made the mistake of leaving some of my chunkier winter sweaters at home. Definitely not my best move since with the cooler temperatures and a mix of rain it has felt more like winter than fall. 

Most of the time when it's raining outside I do my best to make it so that I don't have to go outside, but I don't think our school principal would approve of that as a sick day so alas, I venture out despite my best efforts. Ideally that would mean a cozy sweatshirt, leggings, rain boots, and a rain jacket but in the real world that isn't quite as acceptable as one would like to think. So instead, I've been relying on this combo which is the put together and more adult-like version of what is mentioned above. 

I purchased this cozy grey sweatshirt during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this summer and have been waiting for the opportunity to wear it. With statement sleeves I knew it needed a little bit of something but nothing too overwhelming to dress it up a bit. So I did what anyone with roommates would do, walk into their roommates room and ask to look through their jewelry. I settled on this cute green tassel necklace to dress it up a bit without sacrificing any comfort. This pair of jeans has been on repeat all season long so with plenty of washes previously I could be confident that the denim wouldn't stain in rainy weather. With a casual rain jacket on my to-buy list I've opted to wear my Barbour with its hood more than ever (not pictured). If anyone has any suggestions for a good everyday rain jacket let me know since the one I've had since middle school no longer repels water. Fortunately, my Hunter rain boots are still in good working order and are easy to throw on with any outfit due to their neutral color. If you're in the market for Hunter rain boots I'd highly recommend getting a neutral like grey, navy, black, or even hunter green. I find that the simpler the color the more I can pair them with without trying to create an outfit solely around their color. I still own my tall pair of plum Hunter rain boots, but I definitely don't reach for them as often. Also, I've always gravitated to the gloss style since I like for mine to be shiny but if that isn't your style the regular ones wear nicely over time as well. 

ruffle sweatshirt // jeans // necklace (roommates) // rain boots // watch face // watch band 

Unfortunately we can't wear jeans for teaching (aside for on specific days) so this outfit would have to be altered for school. Nothing a pair of navy chino pants or J.Crew Gigi pants couldn't handle. I'd love to hear your mentality when it comes to getting dressed for dreary winter weather before work! 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Step Into My Week

Just two more Mondays before Thanksgiving break! I just keep telling myself I can make it so let’s keep our fingers crossed that getting to that point isn’t too overwhelming and challenging. It seems a lot closer when I think of it as 1 Friday and 2 days though so if you need that mentality as you hopefully prepare for a brief break of your own, it’s all yours.

I’ve discovered that most weeks go by relatively fast (although the days feel very long) but this one went pretty slowly. I am definitely not adjusted to this time change just yet and can confidently say that I am not a big fan of how dark it is so early. On Monday when I was driving to school I felt a little panicked since I am not used to it being light out when I leave and I inevitably felt like I was running late. Pretty sure getting to school at 6:40 doesn’t constitute being late, but it’s amazing what some daylight can do to mess with your schedule.

My students were for the most part pretty good until our field trip on Friday. Anything that can mess with their schedule is sure to make our day a bit more chaotic, but for the most part we made it through the week without any major incidents which is a definite plus. It was crazy to be driving home a couple of days this week and have the sun setting. I wish I could say that helped me to continue to adjust my bedtime to be a bit earlier but that wasn’t exactly the case. As a bit of a reward for experiencing less daylight and colder temperatures I’ve broken out some of my favorite Christmas pajamas and have listened to the occasional Christmas song. Since I am so excited for Thanksgiving though, I am not in full on Christmas mode yet. I have been shocked to see how many people already are though.

This weekend I was able to start planning ahead with what type of content I want to post towards the end of this month and into December. If y’all have anything in particular that you’re hoping to see definitely let me know. I have a few new, fun ideas up my sleeves and hope that y’all are as excited to see them as I am to get to posting them. I purposely planned this weekend to be more of a “me” weekend as I mentioned on Friday. It was so nice to have Friday night to get things done around the apartment and get a head start on next week without the stress of it lingering like can be the case on Sunday. Saturday I got breakfast with Sophia and some friends and spent most of the day in Starbucks planning out content. I went for a drive to listen to Taylor Swift and had a casual dinner with Porter that night before playing Rummikub and heading back to my apartment to watch the Alabama game. Talk about a nail bitter. Yesterday was rainy which was a bit of a bummer since I was supposed to go on a hike but ended up getting lunch as a solid alternate. That afternoon was filled with grading some papers and working ahead on the blog while attempting to stay warm. It has been super chilly here as of late (which I love), but it makes me miss the sweaters that are in my closet at home even more.

I keep forgetting to take outfit pictures during the week and will try to be better about that this week. Are those something you miss seeing or are you kinda eh on them?

I’ve always been obsessed with the Everygirl, but the past couple of weeks I have been LOVING their articles. Below are some of my favorites.

(If this isn't sure-fire proof that I love self-help related things then I don't know what is...)

Don’t miss last week's’ blog posts!

Wishing you a short Monday and a great start to your work week.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Perfect Blouse To Take From Work To Weekend Wear

As I have been occasionally adding pieces to my closet this year I have the same mentality whenever it comes to deciding to purchase something: will this piece look equally as cute at work (aka school) as it will on the weekends? 

While ideally my work wardrobe and weekend wardrobe wouldn't overlap too much I am a 22 year old with a limited budget and closet space that it makes too much sense for it to overlap to not have that mindset. Fortunately, I have been seeing some really cute pieces all over this season that fit my bill without sacrificing on either the work or weekend wear realm. If I could have one store magically fill my closet it would without a doubt be Tuckernuck. I find myself on their site at least once a week if not more often checking their new arrivals and wishing that everything on the site was suddenly free. One item that I finally bit the bullet on after looking at it over and over again for a couple of weeks was this adorable striped blouse. 

On school days it is so easy to pair with some black or navy chino pants and ballet flats and on the weekend I can opt for a more relaxed pair of blue jeans. Sometimes when I put this on to run errands I feel kind of like a mom due to the fact that it's something that I could definitely see the fashionable moms that go to the same Starbucks as I do on the weekends strolling in wearing with their child and fancy diaper bag in tow. That's the beauty of wearing ballet flats with an outfit I suppose since I immediately think of teachers and moms. Fortunately, this pair of ballet flats is one of the few I need in my closet since they match everything. There is something about a good French Grey that I love as I am sure is evidenced by both the flats and quilted jacket. It's too dark in my room in the morning when I am getting ready to have to ponder whether or not I'm wearing black or navy and then match my outerwear and shoes accordingly. Nope, not happening here hence all the grey. If I decide to get these flats in another color I would 100% opt for the tortoise pair since it mixes brown and black and I would be avoiding the morning matching dilemma still with them! 

top // jeans // flats // jacket // watch face // watch band // bracelets ( 1 & 2 )

I hope that y'all are looking forward to your weekend as much as I am. Despite having much more fun plans the past four weeks I am so thrilled to have NOTHING on my agenda for this weekend. While I've loved being social and doing things with people this past month I can't tell you how excited I am to go into next week feeling prepared while also having plenty of time to work on so many blogging things I am eager to tackle. Meanwhile, need to make it through my second field trip of the year today. As long as all 25 of my kids come back in one piece we can call this week a success! 

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