Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Christmas + Birthday Wishlist

Something VERY strange happened this year. When my parents asked me over Thanksgiving for my Christmas list I struggled to come up with anything to ask for. Y'all this is unheard of for me! Usually I have a running wish list going on my phone but instead the only things on that are ideas for gifts I want to give.

My major struggle when it comes to not necessarily having anything on my list is that I have Christmas and my birthday (December 26th) to come up with a list for! As I've gotten older I've realized that these holidays are the time to ask for things I need or wouldn't necessarily buy for myself. This can be kind of boring though and I know that no one intends for a Christmas or Birthday gift to be boring and I'm a little too young to start being too practical when it comes to what I ask for. Especially with this being a big birthday, 21, I feel like I should ask for things I'll have for forever that will be memorable and always remind me of whomever gave me the gift. This is a lot of pressure I've unnecessarily put on myself but I've done my best to come up with gift ideas for my family to look through when shopping for me!

(As a bit of a disclaimer, this is my wish list meaning I know that I will not be receiving all of these items and these are instead just things that have caught my eyes that are great ideas of things I like and would love to receive!)

fitbit charge HR - perfect for tracking steps to and from class each day
 ring - I've been a longtime fan of David Yurman and would love this classic everyday piece that matches my bracelets
tassel key chain - well this is just a whole lot cuter than the emijay I keep my car key on now
cake stand - scallops and baking, what more could one want from a cake stand
grey running pullover - I have a blue running pullover that is great but this grey one would match more and make it so that I don't have to wash them as frequently
vintage cakes cookbook - one of my friends has this cookbook and the recipes in it are great as are all the photographs
all in good taste Kate Spade coffee table book - I love a good coffee table book and this entertaining one would be perfect to add to my collection
vase - This is my favorite pottery line! The artist actually graduated from my high school and I adore all of her work and would love to have this vase someday as I know it's something I'd have for years to come
cocktail napkins - Such a silly little luxury but cute none the less! Linen, embroidery, and zebras are a pretty cute combo if you ask me
dixie chicks tickets - If anyone else is planning to go to their ATL August 14th concert I'll be there
 barbour waxed cotton hood in sage - I live in my Barbour in the fall and winter (or so it seems) and it would be great to have a hood on it for rainy and cold days
puppy - Sorry mom but you had this one coming...
 coffee notebook - Perfect for all things blogging and I am such a sucker for pretty paper goods
short grey hunter rain boots - I have had my purple tall pair since eighth or ninth grade and still adore them but I think a short grey pair would be a bit more practical especially on rainy days when I am going to student teach in a classroom
monogram cookie stamp - Baking iced sugar cookies is one of my favorite things! I had pinned this a while back and thought now would be the perfect time to ask for it
socks - A nice stocking filler. I love warm socks and gingham so this is the perfect combination

And because my dad likes to say that everyone needs a gift they can play with on Christmas I think mine would be this but only if my brother gets one too. I am not sure how long these would last for us (I'm thinking back to our very short lived soccer boppers) but it would be so funny to play soccer against each other with these.

Back to reality for a second… In all honesty at the top of my list is a fit bit, a barbour hood, this ring (pricy but classic), and a new grey running pullover jacket all of the other items I would love to receive but don't rank quite as high! I would love to hear what you have on your list so that maybe I can add a few of them to mine when my parents ask for more ideas! 


  1. I have a Barbour hood on my list as well! Love your list!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  2. Those soccer bubbles are the coolest thing ever! I saw them online once and I've always tried to convince my coach to get them for my team. It would be so fun to play soccer in those!

    XO, Brooke

  3. Those monogram cookie cutters are too cute and I certainly wouldn't mind getting a puppy for Christmas!


  4. I love that vase, you're right-it would be something to have for years to come!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

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